i have noticed 2-3 things in the Wallet Profiler - NFT dashboard, where it shows my Revenue, Spent, Profit and Realized Gains.
  • it unfortunately doesnt count in the gas spent on the purchase, which is nowadays often 2x more than the minting price, would be amazing to have that in the profit calculation.
  • i am not sure if OS fees and royalties are counted in, i think they're not - maybe also a thing to look at
  • also, if i sell an NFT that i did not buy with my main wallet but from another wallet and then transfered it to my main wallet to sell -> it will not be counted toward the revenue and profit calculation, nowadays also an important thing, e.g. in art blocks drops where you often have the 1x per wallet limit and you have to buy from multiple wallets
i think if those 3 points could be improved, the profit calculation would report more accurate results. It's pretty good already (love the design and the graphs/stats/leaderboards), but especially the gas factor causes an overestimation of PnL on many drops.