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Dr Dent

About DogeChain
Dogechain is a new EVM-compatible, standalone blockchain that uses the Polygon Edge framework to provide high transaction speeds and smart contract capability. Its goal is to serve as a complementary protocol to the existing Dogecoin blockchain and offer increased utility to the DOGE cryptocurrency. With Dogechain, users will be able to use their Doge for advanced DeFi applications, NFT minting and trading, blockchain games, metaverse economies, and many other use cases.

Wallets: 233k+
Token Holders: 14.5k+
Total Transactions: 35 million+
Average Daily Transactions: 2.5 million+
Dapps deployed: 50+

Key Partners & Integrations
Quickswap | Frax | Polygon Edge | Multichain | Synapse | Coin98 | Beefy | Dogira |

Token Listing
Huobi | Gate.io | Kucoin | MEXC | BitMart | DigiFinex | Uniswap | CoinEx | QuickSwap | Poloniex |

Telegram: 32k+
Twitter: 67.9k+
Discord: 20k+

Useful links
Website: dogechain.dog/
Explorer: explorer.dogechain.dog/
Documentation- docs.dogechain.dog/docs/overview
Twitter: twitter.com/dogechainfamily
Telegram Chat: t.me/DogeChainOfficial
Telegram Announcement: t.me/DogechainAnnouncements
Discord: discord.com/invite/e9TQwwmF79
Medium: medium.com/@DogechainFamily
Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/DogeChainFamily/
CoinGecko: www.coingecko.com/en/coins/dogechain
CMC: coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dogechain/